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Wednesday 28 August 2013


I prefer living in a small town, maybe because I grew up in one and enough people knew you to keep you honest when you needed a reminder. People watch out for one another in small towns.

Every town has its share of wounded ducks. These are folks that for no reason of their own struggle with special challenges most of us do not face. Some are physical some are emotional but all create a significant challenge for them.

Bancroft has Dougie. I believe that's his name. I see him sitting watching the traffic go by, chatting with folks who will stop and chat or waving when he sees a familiar face. Sometimes someone will buy him ice-cream or give him a small task to do, which makes him very happy.

Last week when we celebrated the re-opening of the train station you could see Dougie sitting up by the driver on the wagon enjoying every loop they took down main street. I have no idea who got Dougie up there on that seat but it sure made his day and it sure made mine. In small towns people take the time to help in small ways that make a big difference in someone's life. You're not lost in a small town. You are seen and cared for. 

Another example happened to me on Monday. Mary asked me to get two bottle brushes as she was canning peaches that day. I stopped in at the local Dollar store and asked the lady if she carried bottle brushes. She walked me over to the isle and showed me their display.

I selected the two I thought Mary wanted and went to the front to pay. Ahead of me was a mother and two young children loaded down with school supplies obviously getting ready for the bell to ring next Tuesday. Back to school, that day is more cherished than Christmas ..... for mothers with young children.

So I lined up, in no hurry, and watched as the kids put a few more items into mom's basket. The clerk finished with her customer then asked the lady in front if she minded taking me first as I only had two items to ring through. No problem. WOW! How thoughtful. Does that happen in the big cities? Not sure, but it's typical of the sensitive customer service one receives in most small towns.

Give me a small town that cares about its wounded ducks and I'll show you a place worth calling "HOME". 

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels Tony.

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