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Monday, 26 August 2013


Yesterday was the official re-opening ceremony of the Bancroft Train Station. There were dignitaries making speeches from all levels of government, most too long to remember. What impressed me was the level of community involvement and support of this project and the celebrations that followed the ribbon cutting ceremony. It truly was an event you shouldn't have missed.

Everyone present was encouraged to get in on the official photo, reminiscent of the original photo taken when the O.C.R. (Ontario Central Railroad) arrived in 1900. The last train pulled out in 1963.

This was followed by free wagon rides through town,

a picnic lunch of pulled pork  .......

and finally a most enjoyable steel band concert.

There must have been fifty musicians of all ages playing and enjoying themselves in the warm summer afternoon. We loved it and so did the crowd that danced, clapped and swayed to the beat all afternoon. (wish I knew how to add a movie clip)

They encouraged the audience to get close but this girl seems to be taking the invitation to the extreme. Now where can you go to a concert and mingle with the musicians on stage; only in small town Ontario. Come and enjoy.

Tomorrow a tour of the Bancroft Historical Museum.

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