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Friday, 23 August 2013


I have been a long time fan of orchids but have only owned one prior to living here. There are thousands of different orchids. What to choose? Well my orchids chose me! Leanne decided my home was a better place to grow them than hers, so she gave me her collection. And she was right.

Here is a gorgeous Phalaenopsis, the most commonly grown in homes. It will bloom for months. Fairly easy to care for and a real treat to look at. 

This is  an Oncedium. It traditionally grows on trees, loving lots of light and moisture. This beauty graces our bedroom and offers up a delicate sweet scent.

Here is another Phalaenopsis I think. It resides in the guest bedroom. Deep rich colour and so beautiful. I need to do more homework on exactly what the needs are of both these varieties as they do differ. Right now when Leanne comes to visit, she routinely checks over and then cleans the orchids with Neem Oil. I am  so lucky. 

This is where this beautiful Phaleanopsis lives, in the bathroom. The stem is leaning over with the weight of the blooms! Thanks Art for taking these wonderful photos today. 

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