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Sunday, 18 August 2013


We are getting ourselves educated and psyched up for chicken plucking later this week. Our birds have grown so big they have trouble getting out of the run when Mary opens the door. Some are unable to walk up the ramp to the coop at night, so chicken plucking will definitely happen.

Our main reference has been the "Deliberate Agrarian" who has a lots of useful homesteading information on his site. He has had almost two million hits on his chicken plucking site alone.

Our freezer arrives on Tuesday. Yes, even though we are living off the grid we feel our system can handle the extra load of a freezer. We may even get a hot water heater for summer use next year, we just have that much excess power in the summer.

Once the freezer is working and the interior temperature is low enough then we start the chicken plucking. 

Thanks for stopping by and check back later this week for a full report on the whole chicken experience.

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