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Saturday, 10 August 2013


It's that time of year up here when the wild blueberries are at their best. So the plan today was to head north, enjoy the Maynooth market then find some blueberries.

The first order of business was to get everyone up, dressed and fed. Mary made delicious blueberry/buckwheat pancakes so we were well fortified for the day.

The farmers' market in Maynooth always has excellent locally grown organic vegetables which we enjoy.

Once we had checked out all the booths we headed into town to explore a few of the shops .........

and find something to eat.

Next stop the blueberry patch where the ladies filled their containers and I watched Freckles.

I think Davie is eating more than she is keeping.

Leanne had to get right down on the earth in order to find the tiny blueberries hidden amongst the branches.

Don't those look delicious? Yes, we've been enjoying them already.

As you can see a perfect day to be out picking and not too crowded. Not sure what you pay in Toronto for a quart of blueberries but up here it was about $5.50 (of course we had to pick them)

Enjoying summer in the north country.

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