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Tuesday 13 August 2013


Today we have a guest writer for our blog. I asked Freckles if she would be kind enough to do a blog so Tien and Minna could hear from her how she is being treated here in Bancroft.

Hi Tien and Minna;

I hope you guys are having a good time in Newfoundland and it isn't too cold or wet. I'm glad you left me with Aunt Mary because I'm having a blast here at her house. I can't wait for you guys to go away again so Aunt Mary will ask me back. She really likes me and gives me lots of treats.

I've been really good, not barking too much or trying to jump into bed with Aunt Mary. I do have to wake her up in the morning so I can go outside. (I haven't learned to open doors yet) Uncle Art would like you to teach me that when you get home.

We take long walks and she lets me off the leash because she knows she can trust me and I will always come back when she calls.

When we are in town she lets me run around the park. I really like running back and forth across the bridge. Sometimes I see clouds in the water. Why is that Tien?

My favorite trick is to run around and around the chicken coop and then jump up and scare the chickens. They are so dumb. They just sit there and let me scare them like it is Halloween. I sure hope Aunt Mary isn't disappointed in them this winter. (I don't think they know they are headed for her freezer shortly). I'm sure I will get the full story when we visit at Maple Syrup time.

After all that running around I need a rest. Hope you guys are not missing me too much because honestly, if Uncle Art hadn't asked me to write this, I had forgotten all about you. Sorry, but I'm on holidays too. (Just kidding, can't wait to give up a great big "licky kiss" when you get home.)

Having fun in Bancroft.


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