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Wednesday 14 August 2013


Our path to the chicken coop and Mary's garden was a little treacherous for us old folks. Yesterday Ben and Dave were here installing actual risers so we wouldn't twist an ankle or fall and break a hip on our way to collect eggs in the morning.

Dave and Ben check for level before securing the risers with re-bar.

I had the best job, getting them fill when needed with the bobcat. I'm passed the grunt work stage of most jobs.

Ben tossed the backfill in place while Dave spread and packed it.

The finished job and we are so happy they are coming back today to do the same on the other side of the house down to the beaver pond.

Freckles had to give it her personal inspection. She still prefers the hill to the steps, but then again she has four wheel drive I just have two. I prefer the stairs.

Thanks for stopping by and have a safe day.


  1. OH yet another wise construction project. Love the natural look of it. What would you ever do without your beloved Bobcat ???
    Looks like we will be over in September to finally get on with this much overdue visit .... Believe me it is not from lack of trying ....We have much chatter to catch up on ..... Have fun. Good working weather.

  2. So glad to see you got some steps put in, one less worry for me ;)

  3. Hi Pat;

    Yes we love the bobcat and we are looking forward to seeing everyone in September


  4. Hi Sherri;

    No need to worry about us. We are trying to make the place safe for us to live here for the next 40 years.

    How's Deerhurst?