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Sunday, 4 August 2013


Many of us have freckles, but we have a special "Freckles". She has four legs, loves to chase a ball and has adopted Mary as her new alpha female.

Meet Freckles. She is the best behaved Corgi we've ever met. She comes when called and doesn't go berserk when friends drop by.

She belongs to brother Paul and his family. (Olga, Tien and Minna) We are babysitting Freckles while her family travels out east to visit Newfoundland. I think she is adjusting to her new home very well and even shows signs of a new loyalty to Mary. Sorry Olga, you may be replaced by the time you return.

Freckles likes to cuddle on the couch when Mary is trying to read a book. 

She often curls up and sleeps at Mary's feet which is greatly appreciated when it is cool outside.

Hope Tien, Minna, Olga and Paul enjoyed the pictures and have a wonderful time camping in a beautiful part of Canada. I'm sure there will be more postings of "Freckles" as the weeks go by.

Update - 9 am

A few pictures taken Monday morning.

Paul left this device so when we throw the ball we don't dislocate our shoulder. It really makes the ball zip through the air and gives Freckles a good run for the morning.

Freckles, watching for the ball to be launched.

Following Mary down to feed the chickens.

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