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Friday 2 August 2013


Yesterday it was "Main Street" today it's our "Back Roads"

We have a new "Ontario - Back Road Atlas" sitting securely between the front seats of the truck. It covers all of Ontario and has detailed maps showing the back roads that only the locals know about and use. Some of those roads are just trails, not maintained in the winter and used primarily by off-road 4x4s. 

On our way to see Annie and Marvin last week I thought it would be the perfect time to explore some of this beautiful scenic countryside and get off the regular black-top smooth and safe routes we usually travel.

These pictures are deceiving. The road looks good, smooth, straight, safe. This was the rare occurrence where I could actually take one hand off the steering wheel and take a picture. 

Often we were down to 10 km/hr crawling through ruts and washouts and thankful we had 4 wheel drive. No idea what we would have done if we met another vehicle coming at us. Often there was no shoulder and the road dropped off considerably where the vegetation started.

Reminded me of the drive we took with Mike and Sheri down in Arizona a few years ago.  Mike, knowing the area, was the navigator, but he got confused, got us lost and we drove down some hills that had the ladies closing their eyes and digging their nails into my flesh. Mike claims it was my fault because I didn't have a map. He was the navigator, I was the pilot. He knew the area, I didn't. Who got us lost? I was just following directions.

If you decide to use the "Back Roads of Ontario" atlas just be warned that those "white" lines may be roads, but "white" means unserviced and you might be glad to be driving a 4x4.

Enjoying summer in Bancroft.

Safe travels everyone.

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