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Friday, 30 August 2013


We have a lot of firewood lying around which isn't good. Firewood left on the ground soon begins to rot and then becomes useless for keeping one warm. The plan this summer has been to build cribs from old skids and get the firewood stacked so it can dry and not rot.

Yesterday I moved the log splitter and built this crib ready for another cord or two of firewood. It faces south and gets a fair amount of sunlight during the day so should be a good spot for drying the firewood.

While I was busy outside Mary was busy inside......with peaches!

Our local grocery store had baskets of peaches on for $3.79. They have been the best I have eaten in a few years so I bought a bunch and canned them........hoping to be able to enjoy a taste of summer this fall and winter.

There were just enough left over to make a lemony peach cake for our guests. Light and delightful with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Yum. It didn't last very long.

This is a  sneak preview of the latest quilt I am working on. It is a challenge quilt put out by the guild I belong to. We were each given a different shape and told that it had to be represented on 70% of the quilt. I will post it once it is finished. 

Saturday we are off to Maynooth for the Maynooth Madness Weekend. Maynooth is so small they don't even have a traffic light. In years past they always did an excellent "Loggers Competition" on the Labour Day Weekend while this year Maynooth Madness will have a Scottish games theme.

The day starts with a pancake breakfast at 6:30, a parade at 10 followed by the Maynooth Highland Heavies games. Check back on Monday for pictures.

Enjoy the long weekend and be safe.

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  1. Beautiful quilt, can't wait to see more of it