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Tuesday, 6 August 2013


For the past fifty years Bancroft has hosted the "Gemfest" on the Civic Holiday long weekend here in Ontario.
It's an opportunity for folks interested in rocks and lapidary to get together, sell their samples, swap stories and rekindle friendships.
From the size of the crowds at the arena and curling club it seemed to be well attended.
I stayed in the truck and babysat "Freckles" while Mary toured the buildings and checked out the booths. Sorry no pictures.
But we also visited the "Craft Show" in town and Freckles and I did get out of the truck.

The craft show is held in Millennium Park by the York River and the weather Saturday was perfect for strolling the grounds and chatting with the vendors.

Lots of local talent selling pottery ................

............. glass creations .......

.... paintings, bird houses, clothing, soap, jewelry, furniture, etc. etc .

They even had live entertainment so Freckles and I found a shady spot to enjoy the music and watch the crowd.

Bancroft does a fabulous job of entertaining us throughout the summer. You really need to come up and see for yourself.

Your interest in our blog is an encouragement and greatly appreciated. This summer we are averaging almost 100 hits/day. Thanks for keeping an eye on us.


  1. Keep writing, so I can keep reading:-)


  2. Hi Don;

    You keep reading, I'll keep writing. Looking forward to reading your reports from Switzerland.