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Wednesday 7 August 2013


The pace of life up here in Bancroft is much slower than back in the city. We have time to visit and sit on the porch with neighbours. Reminds me of the times spent on my Uncle Gordon's farm porch. The calves were in the field across the laneway and as we sat and chatted we could hear the crickets calling as the day ended. The back porch, a special time with special friends.

Yesterday Paul called to say he was bringing Peanut (their dog) over to meet Freckles. We sat on the porch and let the dogs get acquainted but Freckles wasn't very friendly.

Then our neighbours, Sharon and Ted dropped by along with their guests to show their friends our construction. It was great to spend some time on the deck with them and discuss living on solar power.

I like this picture of Steve; too bad the jam and milk container had to be included.

We enjoyed the company so much we thought we would go over and visit Chris once everyone left.

We were hoping Freckles would take a liking to Calie (Chris's dog) but Freckles preferred her own private space.

Freckles, being obedient on her afternoon walk. She really is a good dog, just doesn't like to share us with others.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.

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