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Thursday 8 August 2013


As I get older I realize the food choices I make have a profound impact on the health of my body. I still love my sweets and one of the only negative aspects of living up here is the cheap price of ice-cream novelties at the local grocery store.

Since I haven't lost my sweet tooth yet, Mary often uses honey as a sweetener in her baking.

Local honey is also suppose to help reduce your allergies. The thinking is the local pollen collected by the bees helps to build up your immune system when you eat local honey.

Whenever we pass through the little village of Ashburn we always stop at the roadside stand for some local honey. You can see the bee-hives across the field and it's good to support our local farmers.

We especially like the buckwheat honey he sells. Last time we stopped the farmer was working in his yard and Mary had a chance to chat about his honey production.

As he only had one jar of buckwheat honey on the shelf Mary inquired if he had any more inside.

He offered to go and pour off another jar if she would just wait for a few minutes for him to return.

Once back Mary inquired about the buckwheat honey. To her surprise he said he imports his buckwheat honey from Russia as there isn't any buckwheat grown in this part of Canada. Wow! So much for the benefits of local honey and your immune system.

Regardless of its origin it still tastes good on "french toast" and in Mary's baking so I guess we will continue to stop and buy whenever we are passing through.

Local isn't always local.

Safe travels and thanks for stopping by.

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