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Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Tony our plumber came today and connected our tub so we are now able to tile the bathroom and get all the fixtures installed.

First job was to install the faucet base for the bathtub taps. We built a base since these lines had to run across the floor from the nearest wall to the tub and I didn't feel like spending a week cutting and chipping concrete then burying  then in the concrete patch under the tile. In that situation any water problems in the future would be a disaster to fix.

So the good news is we can now take a bath. The bad news is we have to heat the water on our wood stove. If my grandmother could see us now she would shake her head in disbelief. I'm sure she  would think we are moving backwards.

Next week the kitchen counters arrive and then Tony will be back to make all the water connections. Then we will have a bath with hot water right from the tap.

Also today Bennie from Fibertec windows came to look at our doors and see if the problem was fixable. More on that situation in tomorrow's blog.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels where ever you go.

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  1. Looking forward to having a very long soak in your tub soon.