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Sunday 28 October 2012


Much of our drive yesterday was spent in the state of Pennsylvania.The roads were good, traffic light and we encountered very little rain. I think as the week progresses we will see more of the impact of hurricane Sandy as she moves north along the coast.

Here we are driving through the Allegheny Mountains. We missed all the beautiful fall colours by a few weeks but the drive was still enjoyable and since Don was driving relaxing for me.

The towns were an interesting mix of stately old homes, manicured lawns, and beautiful old churches. Reminded me of a Norman Rockwell painting with folks out raking leaves on a cloudy fall Saturday.

Their main streets of old ornate buildings and unique individual shops made us want to stop but we had miles to cover and our time was disappearing too quickly. 

The clapboard homes were huge and all well cared for. Painting this house would be a full time summer job. 

Today we will explore the area and relax in our "time-share". I'll post some pictures of our accommodations so you can see what we got for $208/week.

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