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Tuesday, 23 October 2012


We've had everything in storage for two years and have been slowly unpacking the storage container this month. Yesterday we succeeded in getting the last box out and now we need to find a place for everything in the house.

First we filled the bunkie, then my tool shed now I think we will use one of the guest bedrooms to hold the boxes until we have time to unpack them and see what they hold. Everything is labelled but there's always a few surprises inside.

Not everything we do up here is related to the house. Mary has been drying herbs that Connie gave her and using them in .................. 

......... home made soup. This is the perfect lunch when the days are cool and we need a quick meal between jobs.

Our batteries reached 79% yesterday the lowest we've seen them. It was cloudy for most of the day but about 2:30 we did see the sun for about two hours. Mary did a load of laundry and we used our computers and the internet throughout the day. By 5 pm our batteries were reading 81%. So far we haven't had to use our generator to charge them. 

Today we are expecting our kitchen counters so watch for those pictures tomorrow.

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  1. Your kitchen looks fantastic. Almost makes me want to learn how to cook.
    Well almost. I do enjoy eating though.