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Monday, 8 October 2012


Today we gathered to celebrate Paul's birthday and our Canadian Thanksgiving. It was a four hour drive from Bancroft to Toronto but we survived the trip and arrived without damage or a speeding ticket. Yea! 

How can you speed on our roads especially on a long weekend when the roads are jammed and the top speed you can achieve  is 40 km/hr. Our roads are too crowded and the Canadian drivers are overtaxed but our roads continue to suffer. (I digress, sorry)

It was Paul's birthday but little Owen was the center of attention. It was easier to pass Owen around than Paul.

Owen and Oma enjoy time together.

Owen enjoys time with his cousin Minna.

We all enjoyed the birthday cake.

Then Owen fell asleep in his mother's arms.

As always, the company was great, the food fabulous and the time passed far too quickly.  

Happy Birthday Paul and thanks for having us all over.


  1. It was so great to see you both and have the opportunity for Owen to spend time with you. Thank you for driving all the way down to see everyone, we really enjoyed it. Wishing I had some of that cake for breakfast this morning!

  2. Always so sad to miss Family! I *did* get 3 turkey dinners though! doesn't *quite* make up for the visit though!