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Thursday, 25 October 2012


You know when I'm late posting that I must be super busy. We are trying to get as much done as physically possible before we head south for a few weeks. Ben is here today and we are doing the drywall in the hall and mechanical room. Peter and Ben will hopefully find time when we are away to finish the drywall and then we can mud and paint when we get back.

Yesterday Mike and his brother were here to install the last of our solar panels. Our batteries were down to 72% this morning but the sun is out and they are now back at 81% as of 1 pm with another 3 hours of good solar exposure.

With the additional 6 panels we can now fill our batteries twice as fast and take advantage of the low sun days to still get some power into our system.

While our solar panels were being installed the guys arrived to work on our HRV system. This is the Heat Recovery system that exchanges the air in the house. It warms the cold air coming in from the warm air going out.

This morning we cleaned up the entrance and are now working on putting some drywall down the hall. The mechanical room has been insulated and drywalled so that was good to get completed.

Tomorrow we head south but Mike just called from the west coast to let us know there is a hurricane coming up through Florida the next few days. We could have an interesting drive south. Stay tuned and check back in a few days.

Update 6:30 pm

Our batteries dipped to 72% today as we've had a lot of cloudy days lately and Mary has done a wash I think every day this week By 4 pm our batteries had climbed back to 95% so we are happy with our system.

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