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Sunday, 21 October 2012


Spent most of yesterday visiting neighbours and friends in the area. Decided we would go out for breakfast but first  ............ 

.... had to stop and see Ted and Sharon's progress on their log cabin. Back porch is looking great and will be a welcome addition this winter.

Next we drove up to Bird's Creek for breakfast then home to work on the house. Mary did some mudding, I worked on installing the wall sconces in our bedroom. It is nice  to have lights at the flick of the switch now.

After lunch we headed out to try and find a "pioneer" celebration being held at Boulter. No luck finding the location but we did have a lovely drive and enjoyed the last of the fall colours.

Late fall colours looking across Bay Lake. 

Our  next stop was unplanned but when we got a call from Paul and lost connection as we drove decided to pop in and meet the family. Paul will be tiling our bathroom when we are away in November.

This is Paul's house he and Megan built last year. I really like the timber frame accents on the front and side entry to the house.

Of course any drive up here usually yields some wild animal sightings and we saw a fisher, 10 deer and two large gatherings of wild turkeys.

Here is one group out for a late afternoon stroll across someone's yard. We counted 30 in this group. Guess they know the Canadian Thanksgiving is over and they can come out of hiding now.

Finally it was off to see Marvin and Annie who are also getting ready to build their retirement home near Flinton, Ontario. They have been busy clearing land and putting in a driveway and soon will be heading south to escape the cold Canadian winter.

Since it will be several months before we see each other again it was a good excuse to go out for supper. Off to KELLYS where we enjoyed back ribs and fish and chips.

The ladies look over the dessert menu then decided we had eaten enough.

It was a wonderful day of a little work, visiting friends and enjoying the last of the fall colours. This is really one of the best times of the year to visit Ontario.

Hope to see you up our way next year. By then we should have all facilities fully working.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels Bob and Tony.

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