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Monday, 29 October 2012


We bought our time-share in Vegas in 2004. We hadn't planned on owning a time-share, knew very little about time-shares but are happy it happened. We find lately the specials they offer as "Extra Vacations"  have been excellent deals.

Today we are staying at the Massanutten RCI resort in the beautiful Shenandoah valley of Virginia. It is a sprawling complex focusing on golf, skiing, and outdoor activities.

Because of the sale last summer we were able to get a two bedroom unit for $208.00 Since there are four of us here that works out to a little over $7.00 a day per person for our accommodation ........... now if I could just find a cruise for that price.

The resort is built around a golf course and up a mountainside giving skiers easy access to the slopes.

We have a bottom unit close to the welcome centre.

The accommodations are very comfortable, clean, and well maintained. The living room has a gas fireplace and there are BBQs outside one can cook on if so desired.

It has a fully equipped kitchen complete with all appliances including a dishwasher. The units share a washing machine and dryer located just inside the front landing of each unit. No extra charge for this service or for the internet service.

On our walk yesterday we spotted this heron so there is wildlife to see for those who like to get a little closer to nature.

Here we are enjoying the great outdoors, dressed for the weather and happy to have a break from construction. So far we've missed the brunt of hurricane "Sandy" just getting a light sprinkle late in the afternoon. 

We did go shopping yesterday and while at Costco  Don and I had to have the "Doug" special. How does it look Doug?

Time-shares are a great way for us to get a vacation and when we can travel with family it is an added bonus. We did this last winter with Carol and Don and had such a good time decided to do it again when the sale came up. We will be here a week then on to  Daytona Beach for another time-share holiday.

Thanks for stopping by and let us know if Sandy is creating problems back in Ontario. Any news from Haliburton Pat?

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  1. One year ago we were in Shenandoah to: beautiful witf nice Fallcolours!
    Your accomodation looks good and so cheap!