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Tuesday, 16 October 2012


We are into the season of rain here in Canada. This means our batteries do not get fully charged each day but so far we haven't had to use our generator. Presently we are sitting at about 88% with our batteries and that is after a day of lights on, washing, charging power tools, using the chop saw, computers and internet.

The next 6 days all have some rain so we will be watching to see what happens to our system as the days unfold.

Yesterday Peter was here and we got two more doors hung, the ceiling lowered in my office, the hall and over the shower pads in both washrooms. Today we will drywall most areas so Mary can get everything taped and mudded before we leave. 

This is the dropped ceiling in my office with one of the HRV pipes clearly visible.

The great room as it looked yesterday. We are now eating at our kitchen table and the kitchen counters will arrive Oct 23rd.

Wednesday the plumber returns and the repair man from Fibertec will be here to fix our doors. I will blog about that on Thursday.

So far we love living in the woods of Bancroft. As the seasons change we adjust and enjoy the changing view out our windows. The house is staying very comfortable with just two fires a day. We can work in T-shirts and use very little energy during the day if the sun is out. 

We only have 6 of our 12 panels up as we are waiting for the rack for the other 6. This means it is taking twice as long to charge the batteries as it will once all 12 solar panels are installed. That should make a significant difference as we head into winter. Each panels is rated for 235 watts.

Thanks for stopping by and keeping an eye on us. 

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