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Friday, 19 October 2012


It's always good to have help on this project and we've appreciated Ben's help all summer. Now that school is back in full swing we miss seeing Ben every day. When he is able to come and help it is extra special. Today was one of the extra special days.

We start the morning with this view, looking down the path that leads back through the woods to the beaver pond. Although the best of autumn has passed there is still some colour as the last few leaves cling to the trees and refuse to make way for winter.

When Ben arrives we decide what we need to get done for the day and divide the jobs up. Ben takes the ones that need the most pending or lifting. I take the ones that require a simple application of the drywall gun or drill.

First job on today's agenda was to add more bracing to the back of the shower walls. Our tile guy recommended the extra braces to keep the cement board from flexing and causing the tile to crack. Ben measured and cut the braces, I added the extra screws to the drywall.

After lunch it was just too nice to stay indoors so Ben used the "bobcat" to dig a trench and bury the Big O pipe for rainwater drainage. This will help water Mary's garden next summer and allow us to drive over it without damaging the pipe.

This is the way we move our firewood up here. Ben brought this skid up close to our back door as we are into cooler temperatures and burning wood every day now.

Our day ended with a delicious meal prepared by Mary and shared with our neighbours Ted and Sharon. It was good to see them and spend some time together. They built themselves a beautiful log cabin all from scratch. It wasn't a kit it was Ted's skill and Sharon's assistance that went together to build their "cabin in the woods".

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Birthday Mike!

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