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Sunday 7 October 2012


We have much to be thankful for and friends and family are at the top of our list. Unless you have gone through a similar building process it's hard to imagine the depth of our appreciation for all the help and words of support we have received the past months. We are truly thankful for each and every one of you.

Yesterday we decided to take a break in the afternoon and drive over to Haliburton for their annual "studio" tour. This would give us a chance to get some more pieces from Lisa and Matt as well as visit Pat and Jeff (Lisa's parents).

Knowing how gracious Pat and Jeff are, I decided to go prepared and ask them if I could have a shower as showering in our trailer is doable but not as comfortable as showering at home. When you are living for two years in  a trailer, small conveniences we usually take for granted become major missing points in our daily routine. Thanks Pat and Jeff, loved the hot shower.

As mentioned earlier, our first stop was Lisa and Matt's studio called "Heritage Studio" because they are using a space formally used as a wood shop by Lisa's grandfather. How neat is that. If you are in the Haliburton area be sure to take in the studio tour. You won't be disappointed and there are some very talented artists up here, Lisa and Matt being two.

Next we visited with Pat and Jeff only to be invited to stay for their Thanksgiving supper. We could tell by the number of plates already on the table they were expecting company and tried to graciously decline their kind offer but they wouldn't hear of it. It was just as well we gave in because the smells coming from Pat's kitchen made my mouth water. Once Lisa and Matt were done selling pottery for the day they joined us, as well at Pat's brother Paul and his wife Cathy and friends Johnny and Teressa.

Before supper Jeff took me around the house showing me the custom furniture and detailed trim Johnny had made for Pat and Jeff. It was all beautifully made and I was impressed with the workmanship.

Soon it was time to enjoy the turkey and trimmings and we all found a place around the table (all 12 of us). The first course was fabulous, definitely worth going back for seconds. Then came dessert, my weakness. The pumpkin pie and whip cream melted in your mouth.  Teressa had made an apple crumble cheese cake and she brought lots so yes I did have seconds or was that thirds?  Thanks everyone for a delicious Thanksgiving meal with friends. 

But the surprises weren't over yet.

Once the tables were cleared and we moved to the big comfy chairs to let the food settle, out came the guitars and we had an impromptu "jam" session. Wow I was impressed. I thought it was just family and Jeff's friend Johnny reliving their days of jamm'in in the garage and maybe it was, but for Johnny it goes way beyond something he does as a hobby. As I learned after he had left, it is his life.

Turns out I had been sitting beside a Canadian legend all night and didn't realize it, a legend just recently inducted into the Canadian Country Hall of Fame out in Saskatoon. Now I love country music and was embarrassed not recognizing Johnny Burke, our own country star from Haliburton.  Hang your head in shame Art.

Pat and Jeff, you gave us a Thanksgiving we will never forget. Thank you for the delicious food, wonderful entertainment and memories you can't buy at the store.

And today is my sister's anniversary so Happy Anniversary Carol and Don. Hope to see you soon.

Thanks everyone for keeping an eye on us.

PS - Can you do a PS in a blog? 

We left our house yesterday about 2 pm. Hadn't had heat in the house since the morning fire in our wood stove. No heat all day or all night. Came up to the house this morning about 7 and it was -2*C outside. Inside it was 9*C. I was impressed at how well this house is holding the heat. I'll keep you posted as we get into colder days.

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