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Thursday, 11 October 2012


They came to measure for our kitchen counters the other day but they don't just measure they also use a lazer level to get everything perfect.

Everything is high tec these days and simple measurements just aren't enough. I'm interested in seeing what the counters look like once installed. The date for that is October 23rd but that could change if the supplies aren't available.

Mary double checks the location so that everything will be cut properly before delivery.

While we were working inside the road crew was busy taking out one blind corner on our road. This will certainly improve our sight lines but I suspect it will also increase the speed of those using the road. Time will tell.

We are holding on to fall like the tress are holding on to their leaves. It's a losing battle but we are reluctant to see her go and hope "Indian Summer" might arrive for a few days of extra warm dry weather. Right now we are into 5 days of overcast and rain. So far our batteries are hovering around 95% and that is after doing a laundry and with a mostly cloudy day today. 

Thanks for keeping an eye on us Mike and Sheri.

Safe travels Bob. I keep watching for your truck.

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