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Friday, 19 October 2012


We wanted quality windows and doors for our "passive solar house" and selected Fibertec Windows and Doors in Concord, Ontario. As you can see from our blog pictures some of our windows are huge but because the frames are made from fiberglass the window is able to maintain its integrity even during our cold winter days here in Bancroft. One reason for the excellent performance and long life is the frames made from fiberglass expand and contract at almost the same rate as the glass in the frame. This maintains the seal in the window allowing the window to function as it was designed for many years far exceeding other traditional window frames.

Unfortunately our doors never closed properly and I had to remove the bottom sweep so I could close the doors without forcing them with my shoulder. I wasn't happy and our installer blamed the manufacturer. 

Yesterday Fibertec sent a technician all the way from Toronto to inspect the doors and make corrections if possible. Beni (the technician) was a pleasure to work with. His attitude and professionalism exceeded our expectations. He was able to not only explain the problem but took the time to adjust the doors using shims to square up the frame and allow the door to swing and close properly and snugly.

Beni even took the time to show us that our sliding doors weren't installed properly and how to correct the problem.

Unfortunately our beautiful double doors will have to be removed and re-installed by a professional who knows what he is doing. This is not the fault of the manufacturer. 

Fibertec makes a quality product with quality components but if the installation isn't done correctly then there isn't a door on the market that will function as it should.

As we've progressed through our custom built home, one important lesson we have learned is to hire quality professional people for the different aspects of the job. Don't expect one person to have the knowledge or expertise to do all your construction. If the guy is good at doing aluminium siding don't expect him to be good at doing your plumbing. Don't hire a tile guy to install your windows and doors. Hire the people who have the tools and years of experience. It may cost a little more but the final results will save you money in the end. That's what we've learned. Take our advice, buy quality and get quality installers to do the work.

Thanks Fibertec for making quality windows and doors and for great customer service. A special thanks to Colleen, Steve and Beni for taking the time to make sure our concerns were heard and properly addressed. Your help was greatly appreciated.

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