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Friday, 31 August 2012


Used Don's drill yesterday, sooner than expected. It's my drill but I'm calling it Don's drill because he drove all over Ontario trying to find it.

I expected to use it later this month when we do the tile in the bathrooms but yesterday we had the posts for our solar panels installed and Joe said I needed to pour "neat cement" around each post to keep them in place. Now what is "neat" cement? I'd never heard of it so asked Joe and it is simply a bag of portland cement mixed with water. Make the mix like soup so it will easily run into all the cracks around the base of the pole and keep it perpendicular.

Joe was here about 8 a.m. but his drilling motor wouldn't start. Look at all the filters and the size of this engine just to drive the hydraulics to run the drill. This must be the biggest engine CAT builds. Well it's the biggest engine I've seen.

This is the business end of the drill. These teeth cut through the rock and turn it into dust which is flushed out as the drill sinks deeper.

Note the truck is completely off the ground and sitting up on 3 legs. This enables Joe to position the drill so it is going in at the angle he wants.

Here Joe checks the elevation difference between the two holes. I needed to have both poles the same distance above ground with their tops level with each other. Don't ask me why that's just what our solar guy requested.

By noon Joe was finished and Leanne had cooked lunch over the fire; fresh small mouth bass and vegetables ....................

.......... deliciously placed on a flat bread and enjoyed under a warm later summer sky.

After lunch it was time for Ben and me to mix cement and get the posts solidly anchored in the holes. So glad we had the drill handy and it worked without a problem making the job so easy.

We double checked to be sure everything was level and secure. 

Today the plumber comes and hopefully we will have water in the house soon.

Thanks Connie for your comments on facebook and to the others who wrote about our pizza lunch. Yes, it tasted just as delicious as it looked.  We have company coming from Holland next week so may do pizzas again.

Connie, hope you and Mike are safe from the hurricanes blowing your way. Thanks for keeping in touch.

Hi Mike and Sheri. Did you buy that sailboat? 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.

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