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Saturday 1 September 2012


The signs have been up for a while "Back to School Sale" There's no denial, summer is coming to a close and this is the last long weekend until Thanksgiving. We will miss having Ben every day but he will be here most weekends until we get the drywall up.

Yesterday Tony our plumber was here and got most of the lines installed inside our walls. He will be back on Monday to finish the job.

Here he works on the laundry room pipes.Everything today is plastic which makes the job so much faster, not cheaper, just faster.

Ben and I worked outside clearing the brush I had cut way back in May. Glad to get that removed and sorted ready for the wood pile.

Ben loves to work the skid-steer so it was an enjoyable day as his last official day here.

Today I'm off to the Kinmount fall fair. Mary took Leanne back to Toronto and may stay for a few extra days as there is some shopping for lights and fixtures needed for the house.

Barb and John stopped by for a quick inspection yesterday.Nice to see them. Early next week we are expecting friends from Holland so a little social time between the jobs we need to get done, helps to keep us balanced.

Enjoy the weekend and thanks for stopping by.

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