This blog is about our travels in our solar powered "Airstream" and living off grid, in our passive solar home, near Bancroft, Ontario, Canada.

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Saturday, 29 September 2012


Tonight we are having chicken stew done in the Big Green Egg. It smells so good.  (The pot in the top left of our header pictures was the soup we had for lunch)

You can see our stew pot and the sweet potatoes are cooking in the aluminium foil. It is extremely easy to control the cooking temperature in the BGE.

Just a few of the vegetables Mary added to the stew pot. Those are mushrooms from our neighbour's lawn in the top left of the photo above.

Earlier in the day we checked out our storage unit and actually came home with two trailer loads of stuff. Can you tell we are anxious to get moved in?

Load number two.Some items for the house the rest went to my wood-shop shed. Lots of toys for Owen so you won't need to load the car when you come up, Sherri and Rob.

Don't tell Mary I posted this picture; looks like a disaster zone. We are still under construction so please forgive the mess but this is our deck and the view north looking at our solar panels on the left and my wood-shop on the right.

Inside it's actually starting to look like someone lives here. We moved more furniture in today, just have stuff still under construction so lots of work still ahead of us.

Up-date 7 pm

Supper is ready.

Thanks for stopping by and keeping an eye on us. Always good to hear from you. Safe travels.


  1. I noticed the rocking horse you had made us, how exciting! Your furniture is looking so great in there.

  2. The place looks great! Are you getting sun in the windows and on to the slab?
    And, ahem, was that anyone we knew in the stew?