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Thursday, 13 September 2012


We've missed Ben the last few weeks. Now that summer is over and students are back in school we don't see him so often. Today I picked him up at 1 and we worked until 4:30, digging ditches and unloading the truck and trailer. Up here the rock is just below the surface or staring you in the face when you glance across the yard. So this became a pick and shovel exercise with the bobcat used to scrape out what dirt and rock we had been able to loosen.

Ben loves to work the bobcat and he does a very good job with it.

Next week we plan to start installing the kitchen cupboards. This room will start to develop its own character as we add furniture and cupboards to mark off the different use areas. 

In the meantime Mary is busy mudding and taping more rooms so we can get in before the snow comes. The days have been warm and nights cool and the leaves are starting to show some colour.

Thanks for stopping by. Chat tomorrow.

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