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Friday, 7 September 2012


Another productive day here. The rough-in for the plumbing has been completed. 

Tony installed the stack and seal on our roof so now we just need to get power and we can have a system that works. Yea! Isn't that good news Sherri?

The concrete around the toilet base had to be chipped out for the flange to fit. Today I will install the toilet and we will be able to start using our septic system by using a bucket to flush the toilet.

At the same time we were busy installing drywall in the bedrooms and hanging doors so our house is really starting to look like a home. Note the soundproof insulation in the bedroom walls.

The great room is looking so good. Today Mary and Gertie will finish painting and then get the floor ready for the sealer.

Looking west into the great room.You can see everything is done except the far end of the ceiling. That's today's job.

It wasn't all work. We did take a few hours and hiked up to "Eagles Nest" lookout. 

This was our view looking down over the York River and Bancroft. In just a few more weeks the hills will be a blaze of reds, oranges and yellows as the leaves change colour and fall. The next thing to fall will be snow and this scene will become a field of white.

Another shot of the York River.

We also went to Ted and Sharon's for a delicious supper but I left my camera there so no pictures to post.They are coming over later this morning and will bring my camera with them. 

Today our plan is to install more drywall, hang the last door in the mechanical room and get a toilet in. We will miss Ad and Gertie when they decide it's time to head to Baltimore.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels.

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