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Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Mike and Deter were here early this morning to install the inverter, charger and battery box.

Mike working on the inverter. This will convert the DC power to AC power.

We had to move the pressure tank (blue) to get the huge battery box in place. The battery box is 3 ft. by 5 ft. and will hold 16 batteries. They haven't arrived yet.

At the same time the guys were here installing the chimney for our wood stove. Here measurements are carefully taken so no wrong holes are cut.

While all this was going on I was working on building the platform for the tub and  ......

Mary was mudding and taping the laundry room. 

Up goes the chimney to our roof. Once everything was in place the crew sealed the roof up tight

You can see the bottom end of the chimney protruding from the ceiling. This black section has extra insulation and can be against the wood roof trusses without the threat of fire.

Mike has finished up in the mechanical room and all looks neat and clean.

Both crews took their time to clean up after any mess was made. Much appreciated when they show concern for your home.

Thanks for stopping by and I may have some more photos later when all the work is done.

3 pm Update

I would highly recommend "Northern Comfort" in Bird's Creek north of Bancroft if you need a wood stove. These guys are meticulous in their work and looked after little things like a damaged gasket seal on the door of our old stove. Terrific people, they put down tarps so the floor was protected. Very thoughtful

Done. Just need a couch and music and we are ready for a party.

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