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Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Carpenter from Holland

Started yesterday with a Dutch-Canadian breakfast on the deck. What is a Dutch-Canadian breakfast you ask? It's hagelslag and beschuit  along with back bacon, fried eggs and tomatoes on a bun.

So here is the hagelslag and beschuit, dried round of bread with peanut butter and chocolate sprinkles. Much better tasting than expected.

We decided to do an hours work (turned into 3 hours) on the house before exploring the Bancroft area. Here Ad double checks the measurements before we cut holes in the drywall. He is a master carpenter from Holland and I was so appreciative of his skills and talents.

Gertie and Mary are painting the great room. Wow! did they ever do a fantastic job and look how happy Gertie looks. Thanks for all your help.

After the drywall was up in the laundry room we decided to try hanging the doors. This is where Ad's talents were really tested and I was so glad he was in charge. He knew the little tricks to make everything snug and fit so the doors swung perfectly and he made it look so easy. I would have spent the whole day getting one door hung; Ad got 3 up before we decided to call it a  day at 3.

The primer coat is on the great room and we are delighted. What would we do without family and friends who have helped us so much. 

Supper was outside by Mary's bake oven. Yes pizza, so if you are hungry don't look at the next picture.

Another delicious home made pizza almost as good as the ones Leanne made. We need a few lessons Leanne.

Thanks again Ad and Gertie for all your help yesterday.

Today's schedule will depend on the weather, so we will chat tomorrow.

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  1. I remember Oma and Opa bringing back the chocolate sprinkles for us from Holland and making the exact same sandwiches as a kid, loved them! In fact I still have the tin somewhere.