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Thursday, 27 September 2012


So we bought a BIG GREEN EGG to use as our BBQ as we love to cook outdoors and this will allow us to cook, bake and BBQ as we so desire.

Paul brought over a lovely 3lb splake that Steve had caught and it was delicious. Since this was our first attempt at doing fish we were a little nervous but all turned out just fine. The BGE tends to help keep the meat moist as it is a ceramic cooker and preserves the moisture present in the meat as you cook. Mike, would you like to try a sample? 

Mary struggles to turn the fish using a spatula and fork. Eventually we had success but next time a larger fork might be used.

Tonight we are doing pizza on the BGE and I'll report on our first pizza attempt later.

This is not a good sign, smoke from your cardboard box. When we emptied the wood stove yesterday we grabbed the closest empty container to dump all the ash into. Fortunately we placed the box outside, far from the house. When I looked over a while later the warm coals had started to smolder and next I'm sure there would be fire.  Lesson learned: always used a metal container when cleaning out the ash and place it far from the house not simply on the deck.

Lots to learn as we get closer to moving in and living off grid.

Thanks for dropping by. I'll report on our pizza supper later tonight.

Update 8:30 pm

Delicious chicken pizza hot from the Big Green Egg. You would have enjoyed it.

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  1. Now your talking, yummmm. But seriously, a cardboard box for your ashes!!