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Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Several years ago Mary built her own, outdoor wood fired bake oven. It has been great for cookies, muffins, fish and pizza. Yesterday we had Chris over for lunch and decided to do pizza in the bake oven.

First job was to fire up the oven at least an hour before you want to start cooking. This gets the clay hot and ready to cook the food once you place it inside. 

While the bake oven was getting hot, Leanne and Mary were busy cutting vegetables and making the pizza.

This was our favourite, potato pizza, so yummy!

Inside we kept a small fire going just to keep everything hot.

We use the door when we bake muffins but not for pizza. We like to keep an eye on them as they cook very quickly.

Isn't this an ideal way to bake pizza? Outside, sun shining on your back, birds enjoying the afternoon breeze and you tending the fire and watching everything cook. It doesn't get much better than this.

 Oh! Fresh out of the oven and delicious. Let us know when you are coming our way and we'll get one ready.  You build the fire we'll build the pizza.

These outdoor pizza ovens are very easy to build and cook your pizza to perfection. If you like pizza why not build your own? You won't be disappointed.

Every bite is yummy!

Must run, I think I'll have the leftovers for breakfast.


  1. Thanks for giving this such nice details about wood fired pizza oven. I really impress by this image. You have done great work.

  2. Hey,

    your pizza looks so Yummi !! nice info .

    thanks for this wood fired pizza ovens info in this post and pics also.