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Sunday, 26 August 2012


Yesterday was BBQ day at Sean and Casey's. Everyone was there and we had a fabulous afternoon together. These family times together are rare so very special when they happen.

Of course the "star" attraction for the day was Owen, our grandson. 

Gramma (Oma) held him, rubbed noses with him and talked to him ......................

Casey cuddled him ..................

Sean bounced him up and down ................

and he loved every minute of the attention. Here Owen hugs his mom while giving us all a big smile.

Not sure if Sean is pulling or being pushed  ...

but they both went in. At 34*C (93.2*F)  it was a perfect day for being in the pool.

Later it was time to fire up the "Big Green Egg" and BBQ some ribs, burgers and sausages. Delicious!

Sean looked after the BBQ and made sure everything was cooked to perfection. 

Then back into the pool where mom and daughters enjoyed a few minutes before we all headed home.  Thanks Sean and Casey for having us all over. A great time together. Thanks Sherri and Rob for the delicious "Ribs". 

Leanne came home with us and will help her mom for a few days mudding and sanding the "great-room".

It was a perfect way to end our busy summer.

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  1. I was so fantastic to get together with everyone. We really enjoyed seeing you all and spending time together.