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Monday 30 September 2013


I've had a few distractions the past few days and apologize for not doing my regular posts.

Last Friday Mary and Leanne took me to the hospital in Bancroft where the doctors ran some tests and believe I had a mini stroke. In medical terms it is called a TIA. You can look it up on google.

The good news is there is no lasting side effects from a mini stroke. The clot forms in the brain but dissolves quickly so no permanent damage.

However it is a warning sign that I shouldn't ignore.

I have been referred to the vascular clinic in Peterborough where they will do further testing and then contact my GP with their findings. I expect by Friday at the latest we will know their recommendations and have a medical plan established for me.

I will let you know what they discover and suggest we do as we go through this process. Until then I expect to be busy with appointments and focused on the doctor's advice so my blog entries may suffer. 

Thanks again for keeping tabs on us. I'm fine, no side effects and enjoying the beautiful fall days we've been blessed with the past few weeks.

Safe travels everyone and I will write again later this week.


  1. Best wishes Art. Good to hear there are no side effects and you are getting things looked after.

  2. Thanks Rhonda. A busy day in Peterborough today and we are back on Wednesday for another test then an appointment with the cardiologist. I'm very impressed with the speed I'm being looked after.One nurse was standing there waiting for me when we walked in. No lineup, no 2 hours of waiting. Now that's service.