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Sunday 22 September 2013


It's been great having Casey visit the past few days. She is recovering from a serious bike accident and as with all head injuries she needs time to rest and allow things to get back into place.

This morning she was using her computer out on the back porch so I snapped a few pictures. Although it is only 6*C out this morning she gets much better reception on the internet out there so she bundled up and took her coffee outside.

Yesterday was all rain but today the sun is out and filling our batteries. As you can see the leaves are starting to change.

Looking forward to seeing Pat, Jeff, Barb and John tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. OH Jeff and I are so excited that we FINALLY are able to arrange some time for a visit.. Hope we are not imposing on other company. As you know I follow your Blog each day and it will be so much fun to see everything first hand. Mary and I have lots of chatting to do as well LOL. See you around noon.
    I'm bringing dessert. So NO fuss Mary !!!