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Sunday, 8 September 2013


Yesterday's trip to the Combermere market was to get a raspberry pie. Unfortunately the pie lady's booth was ........................

................... empty. 

We checked out the other booths, bought some delicious corn and some organic apples then went exploring for the log chute.

Lumbering is still a big business up here. Back in the 1800 it was done with horses and a lot of manual labour. Today the trees are cut in the morning, delivered to the sawmill in the afternoon and sold by the evening, it's just that efficient. Back when it was done by hand the trees were cut in the winter and floated down river in the spring. The floating part called for log chutes.

Whenever the rivers were too narrow and crooked for the logs to pass they built a log chute. What you see above was the discharge end of the chute. The logs came sliding down the chute and dropped into the pond below, then carried on down river to the sawmill.

Imagine this chute full of water and logs. It was an easy fix for the logjam. I wonder if the kids back then ever used it for a water slide?

While we were exploring the log chute we came across these cyclists.

That's tomorrow's story.

Thanks for stopping by and have a safe day.

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