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Thursday 5 September 2013

We are Blessed

Looks like fish for supper. Paul dropped by last night with three lovely small mouth bass which we plan to eat for supper today. Our neighbours here take such good care of us, but then again our neighbours back in Brampton did the same. We are blessed.

Mary cleaned them after Paul left and they are sitting in the fridge as I type. We all enjoy fish and chips.

Davie is making good progress with her quilt. Here she lays our the fabric on the "design wall" to be sure she is happy with the pattern she created. The design wall is an essential component of quilting and enables the quilter to quickly and easily set up the quilt design she wants.

With Davie using the sewing machine, iron, lights and Leanne using her desk-top computer for work along with the usually demands of cooking and cleaning in the house our batteries were under heavy use yesterday. It has been rainy and cloudy the last few days and this morning our batteries are down to 68% as I type and we still have 4 to 5 hours before the sun will be on our panels. Fortunately today's forecast calls for lots of sun so we will see if  the batteries are able to fully recover. (more on that tomorrow)

After supper it was time for a canoe ride on the lake. That's when Leanne snapped the shot I posted last night. Just a simple shot of the sky reflected in the water as they paddled down the lake, but oh so dramatic. 

It's been wonderful  having Leanne and Davie up here this week and we've enjoyed every minute we've had together. It's always a delight to have friends and family come for a visit. In many ways this is a great time to be up here. The days are cooler, leaves are starting to change colour,  no bugs and fewer folks up at their cottage ...........  truly relaxing and peaceful.

Thanks for stopping by and we will chat tomorrow.

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  1. Hello, summer is stil going on here; it is far in the 20th! We enjoy very much, just like you.It is now one year ago that we were in Bancroft and we remember it with much pleasure!