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Tuesday 3 September 2013


I finally finished my challenge quilt. The guild I belong to put out a challenge this spring for the members where we were each given a shape and told to incorporate it into a quilt. You had to maintain the integrity of the shape using any material. The quilt could be any size. Mine finished out at 40" X 34".

The greatest challenge was making sure that my kite shape was represented on 70% of the quilt. The most difficult part for me was selecting the fabric.

Here is a detail of the stitching. I have decided to call it "Letting Go". 

Then straight into another quilt... "Pretty in Pink". I am adding the binding on here. Quite often this is the only thing done by hand as most quilts are quilted by machine. 

 Pretty in Pink is 42" X 53"... a child's or lap sized quilt.  Do you recognize the fabric Ruth?  I am slowly gaining confidence with quilting with my long arm. Still managed to break 3 needles, but am happy with the final result.

I chose tulips and tulip leaves. I have not attempted to use a template, just run free hand, so the tulips vary in size and shape. 

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.


  1. Those are both so beautiful. I love that you do the stitching free hand. It adds a really nice touch.

  2. Beautiful work Mary! And nice choice of fabric.. I see you found the right colors for your quilt! Tina xoxo

  3. Awesome Mary! Both quilts are beautiful. The colours of Letting Go flow so nicely.
    Was the Pretty in Pink lap blanket for any little girl in particular?

  4. thank you ladies for your kind words. I guess you have figured out I Love Quilting!There is always some new challenge on the horizon.
    No Rhonda, the quilt has no home yet and is one I made using fabric bits gifted to me by a friend. I loved the colours and just had to make the quilt. I used every bit to try to make the quilt as large as
    possible. After I have built up a collection of quilts I hope to set up a blog of my own where I will begin to sell them. May take a while. Hope you and yours are well.