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Monday, 9 September 2013


This area has no shortage of lakes, trees, rocks and hills. It's because of our hilly terrain that several events are held here each year. In November we have the Tall Pines Rally and in September we host the Hilly Hundred.

The Hilly Hundred is a bicycle race over the back roads around Bancroft, Maynooth and Combermere and as the name implies takes the rider over at least a hundred hills.

We happened to come upon check point two in the race and watched as the riders checked in and took some nourishment at the station. Everything was well signed and ran very smoothly from our perspective.

It is a ride that Sean, Casey and Andrew would enjoy doing but not me. Watching the riders climb those hills on a cool, damp fall day is not my way to spend an enjoyable Saturday. On the other hand I certainly admire their stamina, and endurance. 

Tomorrow we look at the settlers who came from Poland back in the 1800.

Life for them in their new country was very tough, but they persevered and made a living from the worst land anyone could farm on. More tomorrow.

Have a safe day.

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