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Tuesday, 24 September 2013


This morning Tyler was here early to check out our generator. He installed it a year ago and wanted to make sure everything was running properly.

This generator is very easy to service except for the spark-plug which seems to be located in an awkward spot.

The original hood had arrived badly dented so Tyler replaced it under warranty.

While Tyler worked on the generator I worked at hauling brush. It was a perfect day for working outside.

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  1. Art and Mary you know that we thoroughly enjoyed our visit yesterday. It was so enlightening to see your home close up after months and months of watching the progress via your Blog. The house is amazing and I think of so many things that I wish that I had asked you about. I plan to come back solo and selfishly do just that !!!! I don't know where you both get all the energy but do hope you know how to pace yourselves and treat yourselves to much needed breaks and rests. I see you were right back at it today. You obviously researched your vendors and retailers well to get such excellent service. I'm impressed with how "green" you are and how diligent you are in making your purchases Canadian. I think a magazine needs to do an article on all you have achieved. Keep well and do relax !!!