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Monday, 16 September 2013


I've got more firewood than I can burn in two years and I have more wood in the bush to bring up and split. Wood left on the forest floor soon starts to rot and I need a dry place to stack and store it.

Last week while we were down visiting Sherri and Owen I picked up a trailer load of skids. They are not the heavy-duty ones but they are in good shape and should do just fine for what I want them for.

It's difficult to see in this small picture but if you click on the photo you will see my wood splitting operation. I have the log splitter between two tables. Matthew brings up a bucket full of logs, dumps them on the table in front of the splitter. This keeps everything at waist level which is much easier on my back. I split the logs and toss the pieces on the other table ready to be stacked by Mary. Real simple.

Now I need more space for storage as you can see the crib in the background is full. I started building a second crib where the skids are on the left. I set the skids on 6x6 cedar posts which keeps them well off the ground and allows good air circulation. So far I'm happy with the way everything is working. How do you store your firewood? Let me know as I'm always looking for better ways.

The pictures in the header were from yesterday's church lunch. As you can see we had an abundance of delicious homemade pies.

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  1. Quite the operation you have developed. Looks like you are in a position to sell your wood rather than just store it.