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Thursday, 12 September 2013


We've heard the rumor for some time that Al Capone had a Canadian hideout in the area. According to some locals they claim to have seen Al Capone up here back in the 1940s, so we set off to try and find his hideout.

We stopped at the grocery store in Quadville and got the directions and a local gentleman said to follow him as he was headed home past the cottage. How helpful is that.

We parked the truck and hiked up this laneway, always mindful of the thugs who may have walked these same paths carrying sub-machine guns years ago.  Were their ghosts still in the bushes?

Finally we came to a clearing and there stood Al Capone's hideout, neglected, but still standing in spite of the abuse.

Inside were many rooms all full of debris and damage. There were 3 tunnels built out from the basement into the bush just in case Al needed to make a quick escape if the law showed up.

Like I said, rumors, but always neat to contemplate what might have been so many, many years ago.

Enjoy your day and check out your own local rumors.

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