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Saturday, 21 September 2013


I wasn't comfortable with the service I did on the generator yesterday. The oil level when done wasn't right and I couldn't seem to get it to drain down to the right level. So back to the service manual but it wasn't crystal clear. Check You-Tube, some help but not for my model of generator. Time to do some more thinking.

Once it stopped raining today I was back out to the generator. Cover off I could see the sticker that says Oil Drain but could only see one drain line. 

Tucked in behind is another drain line which when opened allowed the excess oil to drain off. Good, one step forward.

Can you see the two orange caps on the left? Both say Oil Fill but the bottom one is actually the oil dipstick. 

So why label it Oil Fill? If it says oil fill then I thought that's where I put the oil in ................. not a chance.

After several test starts and double checking the fluid levels everything seems back to normal and working properly.

I printed some reminders on the top of the generator as well as the date of change on the oil filter. I should also write the model number for the oil filter because a year from now I won't remember.

I think we are almost ready for ................ winter. We have enough wood cut, split and stacked thanks to Matthew and Nathan, the water tank that collects the rainwater off our roof has been drained and the generator has been serviced.

There is still lots to do but the critical jobs have been done. 

I know it's not even October and we are thinking winter, but up here you need to be thinking ahead.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels Tony.

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  1. Happy first day of Fall. It's never too early to get ready for winter where you live. Good to see your all prepared.