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Saturday, 7 September 2013


Today we were up early heading north to Combermere. Our destination was the Combermere Farmers' Market held every Saturday until Thanksgiving. From there we headed east to Eaganville, then over to Quadeville and eventually home. 

(Tomorrow's Story)

As you can see from the pictures in the header above we discovered a few hidden gems as we explored the countryside and talked with the locals for directions. Lots to share in the next few days but right now I'm hungry and it's time for an early supper.

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  1. Art and Mary you were in one of the most beautiful parts of our province. I think some of the views are magnificent. Did I notice a bunch of choke cherries....hmmmmm jelly !!!!
    Today we ground all the fixings for relish. Yesterday we made LOTS of crab apple jelly. Nice to be doing it while my Mother his here. Nice to have Neil experiencing all this as well. He sees lots at home as well. Matt maintains an excellent garden....he has a real green thumb. Lisa then preserves the tomatoes etc. I wish you could see the kale they have grown ....they've been eating it for months. We have also learned to love it as a salad base. Must run. Hope we can book a visit the week of the does that sound ???

  2. Hi Pat;

    Yes, those are chock cherries and now Mary is wishing she had picked enough to bring home for jelly. Oh well maybe we will get back before they all disappear.