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Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Canadian Health Services.

Yesterday was a busy day in Peterborough. The clinic called at 10:30 and wanted us there at 12:30. It was a rush and we rolled in at 12:40. Can you believe there was a nurse waiting, clipboard in hand, for me. No time to waste, up on the table for an ultrasound of my heart. That done it was off to another floor for a 20 page questionnaire. Once again no waiting, just in and get to work. Then I had a heart monitor connected to me and I must wear it for 48 hrs. Last stop for the day was the hospital where I had an CT Scan of my head. There I might have waited 10 minutes. WOW! All our health services should be this efficient. We were home about 5 and today I have blood work at the lab in town. I could book my time on line so know once again no waiting for this service.

Wednesday we are back in Peterborough for a 9 am appointment. This test is called a "Carotid Doppler Study" At 1 pm we have another appointment with a cardiologist who will explain the results of all the tests and hopefully outline the course of action for preventing this happening again. On Thursday we will meet with our GP here in Bancroft as he will oversee the plan and monitor me as I make whatever changes they recommend.

For those reading this outside Canada you may wonder what this is costing me................... Nothing

I have been so impressed with the care and speed with which I've been seen once I was put into the system after visiting emerg last Friday. Yes, we do have to drive to Peterborough for the evaluation, but if we were living in Brampton we would have had to drive into Toronto. I prefer the drive down 28 on a beautiful fall day. 

Next time I complain about our high taxes remind me how fortunate I am to receive such quality health care without the fear of going bankrupt because of it.

Once again thank you everyone for your prayers and well wishes. It is good to hear from you. I am fine, in no pain and once we get all the data collected we will know what happened and what the plan is for the future.

Have a safe day.

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  1. We wish you good luck and we hope the results of the medical update are good.
    We follow with much interest.
    Love from Ad and Gertie