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Friday, 4 October 2013


So now that we have made a new commitment to eating healthy and avoiding sugar and salt we had our first breakfast: porridge with apple pieces, ginger, buckwheat, quinoa, and oats. That sure sounds healthy to me and it sure tasted healthy. Just hope my body appreciates all the good stuff I'm sending down for it to enjoy. I don't want it sending back any rejects. That could be unpleasant, not worthy of a blog report.

Off to the dump shortly then into town to get ................ fruit and vegetables. Did I mention we are eating healthy????

Mary has to get a quilt finished today so she will stay home. She can sew while still enjoying all the fall colours in our backyard. It is overcast but the batteries have lots of stored power and Mary can quilt, iron, make herself a coffee in the kettle without a concern for power.

We are off to Kitty Hawk towards the end of the month. My neurologist gave me a clean bill of health so no reason to stay home. We are looking forward to exploring North Carolina and enjoying the ocean for a few days. I'll post pictures after the 27th.

Enjoy your day and safe travels Bob. 

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  1. hey, what about the exercise? walks in your area would be amazing right now.