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Wednesday 23 October 2013


Don took us for a drive yesterday afternoon and the first stop was ..............


This historic village was a haven for Loyalists who came across the Niagara River to escape the American Revolution (1775- 1789). The village became the first capital of Upper Canada in 1792.

The downtown core has been designated an historic site for its collection of Regency and Classical Revival buildings from the post war of 1812 period.

The Prince of Wales Hotel built in 1864 is just one of many fine examples.

Our final stop was .......................

.......  the Silversmith brewery located in Virgil. Leanne, your aunt Carol says there is an excellent deli right across the road next time you are looking for a good lunch spot.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Real nic pics! Hope your trip through North Carolina is good. It snowed in Orangeville last night!! Counting the days till I leave... Tina