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Sunday 6 October 2013


As part of our plan to stay healthy, exercise is a critical component. I need to do something that will elevate my heart rate and keep it there for at least 30 minutes every day. Walking 3-5 km is our first choice.

Our road has a good surface which makes walking easy and the elevation changes considerably and frequently in the route that we walk. 

That first hill gets my heart thumping and it also feels like my leg muscles are being challenged. No lasting aches, just a gentle reminder that everything has to work a little harder.

For added safety I wear this vest to help drivers see us before they are right beside us. Too many walkers put on their regular black coat, go out the door, and forget how easily they blend into the surrounding countryside. If you walk on a road you need to increase your visibility.

As you can see the leaves are starting to fall and we are past the peak colours. It's still lovely walking but now we have more leaves to kick as we get the blood flowing.

Wherever you are get outside and enjoy some fresh air.

Now if I can just improve my cholesterol levels and get my weight down to a respectable level everyone would be happy.

I'll keep you posted on this journey.

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